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147 Cheap Christmas Gifts For the Whole Family

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This is the ultimate Amazon gift guide It’s not easy to find your family cheap Christmas gifts especially if you’re on a budget. If you’re looking for gift ideas for everyone in the family then have a look at UK Gifts for complete inspiration.  If you’re unsure what to buy any member of your family […]

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Don’t Get Involved With a Loan Shark

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So, who out there knows what a loan shark is? Many of us will have seen characters in films or soaps lending money and threatening people if they can’t keep up with repayments, but does that actually happen in real life? The answer is sadly yes, and loan sharks are even more menacing in the […]

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31 Ways You Can Have Christmas on a Budget

Christmas tree with red and gold baubles

This is how to do Christmas cheap and on a budget Do you want to find the best online shopping deals? Take the guesswork out of finding the best online shopping sites with these simple money saving tips. Start thinking about Christmas presents now. It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas. What are […]

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Find Your Document Shredding Service Now

Is there anything more daunting than feeling as if you have lost an important document or a paper with personal details on has been given over to strangers by accident mixed in between them all, my blood runs cold when this happens? When we lived in a hot country (name shall remain unknown because this […]

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4 Simple Ways To Make Money From Your Car

silver car with a key

For most vehicle owners, cars constitute liabilities because of the rising expenses such as fuel and maintenance costs. But, what if you had a way to make money with your vehicle? That would be a step towards diversifying your income streams and gaining some financial security. With that said, here are four simple ways to […]

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Turkey Stir Fry for 67p a Head For Four

Stir fry with rice and tomamtoes

Including other leftover turkey recipe ideas This turkey fried rice with egg recipe is really simple and quick to cook, and is perfect for all your leftover Christmas turkey or as a quick dinner with any meat leftovers you have. You can even serve it with chicken or beef if that’s what you have as […]

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Penny Saving Challenge: Save Over £600 in a Year

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Includes a 365 day money saving challenge, FREE trackable printables and a money saving challenge chart. We all know that the cost of raising children is on the up, with it currently estimated at £230,000, many of us are drowning from month to month, with no emergency fund in case the worst happens. This year […]

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